Ariane is an amazing breathwork circles facilitator!

I was introduced to her through a yoga workshop and immediately felt drawn to this practice.  It is really a therapy whereby the process of breathing through the mouth whilst inhaling and exhaling allows one to go deeper into the subconscious and release long pent-up emotions and blockages.

Ariane is skillful and gentle in her support and through the intermittent placing of hands through the practice allows one to feel held, whatever the emotions surfacing.

By nature, I have always sought control- to my detriment- and with Ariane’s support and breathwork circles, I feel I have found a channel through which I can let go.  The release leads to a deep peace afterwards!

I’m looking forward to more of this practice with Ariane and recommend you to give it a try!

Cathy- Group session

The breathing workshop with Ariane was an amazing eye opening experience. Ariane gave us a great insight into how this form of breathing can help us in various different ways and she guided us beautifully throughout the whole experience. I am now amazed even more at how the body is filled with a natural intelligence and that so much emotion can be stored there. I felt many different sensations around my body as things were clearly trying to come to the surface, and I managed to feel a real release of some trapped grief. The space was beautiful and so were the group. There was a real feeling of support and love among the group. Thank you Ariane for this wonderful experience and I’ll definitely be coming back to experience this very soon.

Sarah - Group session

Ariane was very skilful and genuine in making it a safe space for emotions and individual experience. Each participant was validated and valued in their own journey in the session.

I noticed this particularly in contrast to a workshop with another facilitator; the approach there was more focus on the technical aspects of the breathing and less on space for emotions and release.

For me, Ariane’s assured and compassionate facilitation demonstrated  ‘holding space’ so well that I came to understand the concept in a new way.

Ariane is gifted at what she does, and brings a quality of compassion and sincerity that is above and beyond the technicalities.

Hannah - Group session

I have done a lot of ‘breath work’ in the past and really find it valuable for physical and mental health.

I have participated in Ariane’s sessions and wanted to share my experience.

Ariane is different in the sense that she provides an incredibly safe and supported space for people to experience what they want to feel. Not to say that other breath work practitioners don’t provide this but I find Ariane to be extremely knowledgable, highly experienced, kind, approachable and non judgemental. Everything you need in a holistic coach.
Thank you Ariane! 

Ati - Group session

During consciously breathing while occasionally hearing Ariane’s voice and listening to the deeply spiritual soundtrack I felt a whole range of emotions.  I felt motivated to start my business, accompanied by thoughts of, ‘I am good enough’, ‘I am perfect just the way I am’.  There was a degree of grief released and it’s strange to say but I felt connected to the whole of humanity.  Just like we’re all the same just different expressions of the same consciousness?!?

Sharon - Group session

I got up and ran a 10km race on Sunday and my mindset was incredibly strong. Felt very clear today but a bit emotional yesterday. Thank you, I have never had an experience like that before!

Lyndy - Group session

Yesterday I attended a workshop led by Ariane, and learnt a lot about breathwork.

I have had an initial session with Ariane before so I kind of knew what to expect, however, the exercises we did all afternoon blew my mind away!

My intention for the day was to do some healing on my inner child, so that I push through limiting beliefs that I have around my self-worth.

This is what I learnt:
💫I have the power to re-program my pre-programed beliefs

💫I have the power to say ” I am sorry for not being able to communicate in a way that we both feel understood” without asking for anything in return

💫Gazing into a stranger’s eyes can be liberating , both for you and the stranger

💫 Breath is life – and we are so used to it that we take it for granted

💫I was reminded of the power of Ho’oponopono ” I am sorry, Please forgive me. I love you and Thank you”

I am ready for a new week and to step even more into my potential and greatness!

Adina - One day workshop

Absolutely amazing location for this amazing retreat – couldn’t get enough.  Ariane single-handedly  guided us to breath-work and yoga and all the other delightful  activities which I believe has helped me see my true nature and face my inner conflicts and dilemmas,  which I am still working on but feel  much lighter.   I  have also met amazing people from all over the place which I wouldn’t have otherwise .  Vegetarian food served by the house-chef was simply delicious and I believe has contributed to my new taste buds for better.

I would recommend this retreat to anyone who would like to better understand themselves and find their higher path.

Mo - 1 week Retreat

Thank you so much for the Conscious Breathing and Gong Bath Workshop yesterday.  This was my second experience with breath work and I gained a much deeper understanding about how this technique can help release tensions, sadness, frustration and pain.

I felt so calm and peaceful after the hour of using this technique, the music that accompanies the process is so emotional and evoked a great response within me.  It truly was a supportive and kind group which allowed each of us to immerse ourselves in the healing from breath and sound.  I rarely like to share my feelings within a group environment but the kindness within the group yesterday allowed me to find my voice and speak about my experience.

I am so pleased our yoga paths have crossed Ariane and I have learnt so much from meeting you.  

Thank you so very much.

Katrina - Group session

Not being completely new to breathwork yet I was new to a breathwork session with Ariane at the weekend recently. I love this healing modality and was amazed how much I got out of this session with Ariane’s help and guidance, healing my past experiences made me feel peaceful and lighter at heart by the end of the session. Ariane’s gentle touch and softly spoken voice carried me through my releases during the session till the end safely. I would recommend Ariane’s breathwork to everyone who want to live life free of past life experiences or traumas, or don’t have time to relax, or just learn how to breathe deeply again. Thank you for a beautiful session, Ariane.

Petra - Group session

Ariane guides you through a wonderful, healing breath workshop, which is hugely beneficial to mental, physical and emotional well-being. I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived as we all take our breath for granted, but this is a whole new way of developing our breath to bring positive psychology to our thoughts and feelings. I would highly recommend anyone to try breath work with Ariane and thank you for introducing me to your skill and knowledge. I look forward to returning one day soon.

Adrianne - Group session

I recently attended Ariane’s workshop and it blew me away. Such a powerful way to release any stagnant energy in the body and receive clear insight!

Nikki - Group session

I first met Ariane when I attended her breath work class in Bali, March 2018 as part of the Alchemy of Breath open sessions. I was actually on my honeymoon at the time but brought my beloved on the advice of a trusted friend. Boy was I glad I did! When I arrived, Ariane led the group in some warm up activities, before taking us on a deeper exploration of our sacred sexual energy through the breath. The space that she held felt to me, very open and supportive, I felt extremely relaxed and able to settle into the breath work in none self-conscious way. Her guidance and beautifully soothing voice took me on a journey back to my tribe, to a place where I was loved and accepted and could allow the most hidden dark parts of myself to dance back into the light. I noticed, throughout the session, that my body and position was gently modified by the practitioners in small ways, supporting me through emotional moments or calming me down when my movements started to slip into impulsive patterns. I don’t think before this session I had ever realised how I much I used my pelvis and root and sacral centres to power me through in a very bullish and overly aggressive way, these compulsive movements almost used my sexuality as an aggressive defence and the adjustments made to my body were super subtle but allowed the energy to flow in a more serene and focused way, connecting me more deeply with the divine feminine and allowing me to connect to my sexual energy from a place of tenderness and gentle compassion. This was a revelation, I had never realised how much I used my sexuality as a means of dominance and defence, and the ripples of this new understanding have led to much deeper and more profound insights about my relationship to my sexuality and more importantly the divine feminine.

I was very surprised to learn months later that the session I attended was actually one of the largest groups Ariane had ever led and that she was technically still in training as a breath work practitioner. She seemed so at ease to me that it felt like she’d been doing it all her life!

She has a very calm and playful and serene presence and I feel honoured to have been part of such a special moment in her journey. I can’t wait to attend another of her classes!

Stefanie - Group session

So I slept quite well compared to the last few weeks and I noticed I had better colour in my face today. Not so pale! In fact a glow! Though tired I feel lighter and clear that I have neglected my emotional wellbeing for too long in the name of looking after others. I thought the session was incredibly powerful like every cell was being infused with life. It was amazing though intense and I would do it again – I feel a release in my solar plexus though I am conscious there is more to shift. Thank you – you have a beautiful gift and spirit

Ruthie - Group session

I found out about this retreat at a time in my life where I was absolutely lost in my professional life as well as in my private life.
Let’s be honest,  I was pretty desperate. I needed to find myself again and to know more about myself.
When I found out about Ariane’s retreat, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for but I was really stressed to leave my two daughters. My husband pushed me to do it and honestly it was the best decision I took for years.
The retreat was just amazing. It was really well organized, the location was breathtaking, the food delicious and the people lovely.
This retreat was pretty intense, you get a LOT out of it: yoga class, meditation, relaxation, breath work, mantras singing, excursions…and so much more! 
The breath work is very difficult to explain it is really something that you have to experience as it is unique and so so powerful ! It goes very very deep in your subconscious, it helped me to reconnect with myself, to feel and understand better my emotions.

Before coming to the retreat I was unable to meditate for more than 2min, my thoughts were all over the place and I could not empty my mind. Now I am able to meditate for 20 min and I really love it. Since I left the retreat I have been and I am still meditating once a week. It is definitely something that I want to keep in my routine as it is bringing so many benefits.
I used to be the kind of person who was multitasking and panicking as soon as something was not going as planned. Since coming back I see life differently, I take more time, I am more focused on the quality and not the quantity, and I understood ( after 35 years ) that life is beautiful and needs to be enjoyed, we need to listen more our body. If we want to go faster or further our body will fight against it and honestly it is not worth it!!! 

I would recommend this retreat to anyone who feels lost, is looking for answers about his life.

Thanks again for this lovely week and all the positive that you have brought into my life.

Delphine - 1 week Retreat

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