My main goals when joining the program were driven by my desire to recover from my eczema.  Over the years I have tried many numerous techniques to try and improve but was getting progressively worse.

My coach Ariane initially took note of all the things I was allergic/intolerant to (as I have a fairly extensive list) and for years I was never motivated to cut all the foods, mostly because I had preconceptions that my food would taste bland and wasn’t worth doing.

My coach gave me lots of alternatives, suggestions and even educated me on the alternatives that I had been eating which were actually ‘not great’ for my health.  She further helped me to find alternative, natural creams and went the extra mile to ensure I would get better; the great thing is, she is an advocate to healthy eating and therefore has many examples and samples of the said alternatives.

Although I know I would never truly recover from eczema, I have seen significant change.  Firstly I feel a great in the mornings, but also my eczema has significantly improved.

I would describe my coach as proactive, helpful and empathetic.

From my experience I would certainly recommend my coach with anyone that feels they want to become healthier.

Hideo - Severe Eczema Sufferer

Ariane is amazing and actually helped me prepare for my last fight (Muay Thai)! With her fantastic and targeted diet advice and coaching I hit my target weight in no time! She is wonderful and personable and will coach you to not only change your eating habits and help you manage your weight, but Ariane will help you to change a bad relationship with food to a great one! I had more energy, better moods and that’s just for starters! She will change your life! Daniela - Weight Loss - Binge Eating - Muay Thai Fighter

I’ve always been interested in health, fitness & eating good food.

I had an overall understanding of how to be healthy & eat good food but felt there was so much more for me to learn around a healthy diet.

I had found I had eliminated certain foods due to bad press from magazines, television & everybody else’s ideas of what constitutes s good or bad diet.

I was able to chat to Ariane but the facts & myths asking lots of questions and learning new ideas of how to cook and combine foods.

Ariane is a approachable & fun taking it very seriously but with a light hearted manner.

We discussed my goals & what was needed to get me to where I wanted to be.

Each time we meet we would go over how ideas got on over the previous 2 weeks, the positives & the negatives and how we could improve, change or enhance my experiences.

I would highly recommend Ariane. I feel like I have made another friend, she genuinely cares for my own personal success & achievement in becoming a healthier, happier me. Karen - New and Healthier Eating Habits - Weight Loss

My main goals when I joined the program were to regain some vitality, feel less tired, improve my skin and external appearance, get rid of extra weight built up over the years, and improve my inner-self buy learning how to eat more nourishing food.

My Coach was able to help me work towards my goals by reviewing my eating habits, the good and not so good ones, and advising me while still fully respecting my tastes and preferences. She was also able to recommend a very healthy range of skincare that has dramatically improved the look of my skin.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been a weight loss of 1.5kg in only 4 days, a regain of vitality that has allowed me to get back to the gym, to run up the escalators in the tube, get rid of bloating and feel better in my clothes and my skin.

I would describe my Coach as someone who is a great listener and who also gives attention to what is not said. She is someone who made me aware of some behaviors that were preventing me from moving forward, and who never made me felt under any sort of judgment no matter what I was expressing,

I would recommend my Coach to anybody who feels they need some changes in their life, big or small, anybody who doesn’t feel right in their skin and body, and anybody who feels lost when it comes to knowing what to eat and not to eat to lose weight.

I was lucky to spend a fair amount of time with Ariane, and her coaching does not stop with food, she is a real life coach and a precious support. Christine - Extra weight - Lack of Energy - Bad skin

Is Health Coaching for you?

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I had been searching for a Health and Lifestyle coach, when I realised my work/life balance was not always productive.  I met Ariane through some friends and after my discovery session I decided to join her programme. She has been incredible with her views on life and helping me with my diet, my own lifestyle choices and is really clever at making you look at things from a different perspective. We have been working through some very beneficial breathing work which allows you to think more clearly and cease the day like it should be lived. Most importantly, Ariane’s work concentrates on regaining vital energy needed for yourself in order to be as productive as you can be. I always look forward to every session with Ariane, as I know I can come out and be much more focused and revitalised before I once went in. Kerry - Anxiety - Stress - Overwhelm - Unbalanced diet

Ariane has helped me approach a healthier lifestyle in a practical and sustainable way, looking at my whole lifestyle. She helped me look at what I eat and encouraged me to reconsider some of my habits and replace these with healthier options.

The course also considered psychological needs and looked at how small tweaks could make some significant changes, for example how to increase exercise output in a busy life.

Ariane is also trained to help with relieving stress through massage and breathing techniques. I felt that her approach was more than just a sticking plaster, but encouraged lifelong changes. Alli - Weight Loss and Healthier Lifestyle

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