I asked Ariane to do Breath Work on me because I could feel that there were areas of my emotions that were completely stuck and were perhaps having physical consequences on me through an auto-immune disease, warts, heartburn and general discomfort. Breath Work sounded like a fantastic way to release all these pent-up emotions and Ariane seemed like she knew what she was talking about when she explained it to me.
The experience was incredibly intense, which revealed how much tension needed to be released. As I kept breathing and the sensations intensified, I confidently continued and gave in, allowing Ariane to apply pressure in the points where she found the tensions. Although I can’t really remember what was said, I remember that Ariane’s words were those of a wise spiritual guidance through the journey into the self.
When the session ended, my body was tingling and weak, but I was breathing more openly than ever. I gave myself time to recover before finally standing up, and when I did, I felt lighter than ever.
Ever since, I feel like I have returned to my daily life with more inner peace and confidence. I feel like a lot has been released and ghosts of the past are slowly exiting my body. I thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone who feels like they need to release traumas and emotions stored unnecessarily in our subconscious!

Sebastian - In person session

People come your way for a reason and I love how synchronicity brings us together. Ariane has been one of those beautiful people came my way and I am grateful to have her on this journey together.

Thank you for serving me and helping me to release blocks holding me tight. It was an intense and amazing experience working with you. I felt in different world and had incredible journey.

I love the way you hold the space for other person and pour your love with your beautiful energy and intention of healing .

If anyone is feeling some resistance or some emotional blocks, I would highly recommend Ariane’s breathing work. She has incredible gift of healing people .

Thank you for your work and for your presence .

Shalini - Online session

Dear Ariane, thank you so much for this amazing experience to work with you! I don’t feel the pain anymore in my throat when I breathe…And that is amazing, as I had it for years. I came to you to work on expressing my emotions in a safe way for myself and others around me. I was afraid that I’d hurt others, whenever I show my true emotions. During the session I realised that I cannot even take a proper breath…I’m holding so much in. Thanks to your guidance and safety that you build during a session, I could let some of it out. And I felt so much more in peace with myself. I also know that I have a lot to work on and I know where to focus now. Please, keep doing it, as it will change so many people’s lives!

Ania - Online session

The experience of the breathing session for me was amazing. Initially, as we started, I felt quite dizzy and there were some interesting somatic signs: sweating (back) and tingly fingers. Mentally, I went quite extensively and positively through my life and things I have been worried about and my brain and my body fought with each other a little, almost bargaining with things, but on the whole and particularly near the end I felt a real sense of peace. That everything is ok, as it is. One other thing, it made me realise that it is ok to have anxiety.

Kerry - In person session

I had a very positive experience with Ariane during our breath work session. From the very beginning I felt in safe hands, and was able to talk very comfortably with her. I was clearly guided through the breathing technique, and given a clear explanation of what to expect, making the experience even more comfortable. I felt safe as she guided me through the whole session that was emotionally profound. Because of Ariane’s calm and professional approach I was able to experience the amazing practice of breathwork, something that I now am motivated to continue.

Lily - In person session

I had a beautiful 1-1 breathwork experience under the guidance of Ariane.  She expertly led me into a conscious breath and held space for me whilst I was transported to release energies. At all times Ariane was there supporting me, intuitively knew where to place her hands to best help me.  She was very clear and informative before and after to explain everything with me which left me feeling very safe and supported with her.  She has a beautiful clear soul and only has the highest interest for her clients. I would highly recommend a session with Ariane.

Gigi - In person session

I was made aware of Ariane’s conscious connected breathing technique by my wife who said it might help me to relax and have a better balance in my life after many years of stress and struggling to deal with it. I was skeptical, as l am with most things l don’t understand, but decided to try it as nothing else l tried had reduced my stress and anxieties and l was starting to struggle to operate at my full potential. The session lasted around 90 minutes and whilst the different style of breathing was strange at first l soon relaxed into it and found myself feeling calmer than l had for a long time. The session was over in no time but l had managed to find memories of me as a young boy, happy and carefree and these memories immediately put a smile on my face and my whole demeanor was lifted, like a weight being removed. That evening and for most of the next day l felt like a new person, before the usual stresses of work and life took their usual toll. But now l know a technique that can help, and l will try it again, and regularly. I would definitely recommend this technique and Ariane.

Scott - Online session

After years of teaching pranayama as the essence of yoga and meditation practice I thought I knew a thing or two about breathing. Ha! I have been humbled and blessed by the pleasure of working with Ariane; the gentle nurturing way she holds space and guides a breathwork session opens the door to deep and profound release and healing. Bless you and thank you Ariane, I look forward to working with you more.

Steve - In person session

My session with Ariane was very special. We started with an introduction about myself and what I felt I wanted to work on, and then we went into the breath work, accompanied with very pleasant music. I don’t even know how long I was doing the breath as I lost track of time completely. I felt a lot of energy moving through my body, especially my legs and hands were very tingly, because of the large amount of oxygen that was flowing through my body. I felt very peaceful afterwards for the next 2 days, more calm and at peace. Ariane has a wonderful energy, is very gentle and made me feel very safe. I can only recommend working with her.

Nadine - Online session

I was positively surprised how powerful the breathwork with Ariane was. It gave me an insight on all the tension inside me waiting to get released. I would like to follow up on this amazing therapy so that I can break the shell of stuck anxieties and completely open myself towards a new and freer way of life.

Frances - In person session

Ariane is such a kind and loving person. I met her on a yoga retreat and was very keen to start a breathwork treatment with her. Soon we did our first session through Skype. Which I wasn’t sure if it would be so beneficial, but it was! It was a very liberating experience, I once did a breathwork session in a group but didn’t get the best out of it since didn’t get the guidance I needed. Ariane could really see where I was holding back or didn’t let my breath go, every time she would gently guide me to those places in myself where I wasn’t going. There was a lot of frustration coming out, but her warmth made me feel free to just express it which felt really good. I’m excited to keep on going!

Vincent - Online session

I met Ariane during my first ever breathwork workshop in London and I opted for a private session with her.

I was very anxious and nervous at first since I understand how powerful breathwork can be in exposing the internal blockages and emotional stress, something that is necessary so that healing can occur.

However, Ariane was taking her time to make sure I was well taken care of, easing my anxiety and creating a safe environment where I can freely express myself.

She has been monumental in helping me uncover the emotional blockages and guiding me on this healing journey. She always shows great respect, sensitivity and care; and for that I strongly recommended her, especially for first timers. 

Thank you so much Ariane, I discovered a lot about myself and I really appreciate your help in guiding me on my journey.

I look forward to the next session.

Stephen - In person session

Want to find out if Breathwork is right for you?

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From very early on after choosing to work with Ariane, what became very apparent to me was her dedicated sensitivity, a profound sense of commitment to her own humanity, a serious sense of professionalism, the passion that she has for her chosen field of work, the size of her heart and the way that she expresses the ‘duty of care’ that is obviously so important to her and necessary in such work whilst working with individuals and groups alike was absolutely first class and second to none.


At times when things were challenging for me, Ariane relentlessly illustrated and expressed a heartfelt sense of empathy, warmth, safety and repeatedly expressed an unnerving reassurance to me when it’s been required and above all exudes a confidence that has helped me go inwards and look at things that have previously held me back in life, sometimes profoundly, in such a way that the process itself has seemed effortless, challenging in places, but so unbelievably rewarding. 

Should healing be required of not just the individual in a one to one setting but also in a group format, I would not hesitate to recommend her in her ability to help people start ‘breathing’ again and in which, returning people back to who they truly are, rather than perpetuating the ‘story’ that they may currently have of themselves and how people currently express their ‘stories’ or past.

Jason - In person session

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