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Which part of you life would you like to put back into balance?


Have you tried all possible diets, and still feel unhappy with your weight and body appearance, lost and confused with what to eat and not to eat? Are those cravings still out of control and giving you guilt? Would you like to learn more about the types of food that are right for you, based on your personal body needs, personality and lifestyle, so that your energy levels are at their best? You are only one step away!

Balanced Lifestyle

You are always on the go, always rushing, with no time to exercise or do anything for yourself, you wish everyday would last 48h, you wonder every morning how you will be able to complete every task before bed time, your sleep is suffering, you are under a lot of pressure and your physical and mental health are starting to suffer? Well, the good news is this can change and you can start enjoying your life again with more peace and serenity. Are you willing to make it happen?

Emotional Wellbeing

You do not feel happy within yourself, you have a heavy emotional past, a lot of unexpressed feelings and emotions, you have possibly experienced trauma, and until now no therapy has really helped releasing it and fully moving forward in life? You feel you are held back and you are carrying some heavy baggage that are preventing you from enjoying a fulfilling and inspired life? Your brain is confused and needs more focus and clarity? You seem to always struggle in your relationships and are always repeating the same patterns? The time has come to free yourself once for all, shift all limiting beliefs, release all that does not serve you any longer!

Ariane is wonderful and personable and will coach you to not only change your eating habits and help you manage your weight, but Ariane will help you to change a bad relationship with food to a great one! I had more energy, better moods and that’s just for starters! She will change your life!


Ariane has been incredible with her views on life and helping me with my diet, my own lifestyle choices and is really clever at making you look at things from a different perspective. Ariane’s work concentrates on regaining vital energy needed for yourself in order to be as productive as you can be.


I would recommend Ariane’s breathwork to everyone who want to live life free of past life experiences or traumas, or don’t have time to relax, or just learn how to breathe deeply again.


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